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Loadup Freight Exchange
UK & Europe

Delivering The Goods Since April 2000

Loadup is the industry standard for haulage return loads
(backloads). Praised by Lord Sugar in the Daily Mirror, as
"The Icing on the cake for the return load freight industry"


Get 75% cheaper goods delivery in UK or Europe using the empty return journeys of our courier & haulier network

Within seconds of listing your delivery, our transporter members will be alerted to supply you with quotes

Loadup charges nothing for this service and does not need card details, unlike reverse auction sites

Get Delivery Quotes in 2 Simple Steps

What do you need to move?

Hauliers / Couriers / Removal Companies

Unlike Other Freight Exchanges, No Reverse-Auctions, Commissions or Extra Charges

Join The Loadup Transport Network Now And Avoid Empty Return Journeys

Smartphones and Mobiles
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If your mobile network is running slow, you get faster access and no need to 'Download the App'.

Our app is not available for download from any app store, it doesn't need to be, just go to, bookmark it and then add to your smartphone screen as an App

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Loadup is the Industry Standard for Couriers & Hauliers Backload Deliveries, praised by Lord Sugar in the Daily Mirror, as "The Icing on the cake for the return load freight industry"

Read Lord Sugar's Review of Loadup

Read What Our Users Say


Delivering the goods since April 2000 and used by thousands of individuals, businesses, owner drivers, hauliers, couriers, removal companies and ebay traders, Loadup freight exchange is the number one Internet resource for delivering goods economically and for transporters to find return loads or backloads.

More than 95,000 shippers and transport companies have had over 1.2 million loads delivered since we started in April 2000.

Listing loads for delivery is free for all private users or companies with goods for delivery.

We do not make any commission charges and there is no auctioning or bidding, it's first come, first serve.

That's why so many of our users remain loyal and return to Loadup time after time.

We are independent with no connection to any other transport companies.

The web site is ebay compatible and multilingual with translation for most languages.


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