Delivery From 83580 To 40060

Collect 83580, France (Map) from 11/2/2018
Deliver 40060, Morocco (Map)

Load Type Part Load
Vehicle Van Load
Info Shared load OK. Needs to be delivered by 20 February 2018. 7 wood crates = 3 square meteres volume, weight is crates, goods are lightweight. Pick up from Gassin France 83580 - delivery to Marrakech Morocco 40060 before 20 February. La charge est de 7 caisses en bois, le volume total est de 3 mètres cubes, le poids est les caisses en bois. Prise en charge à Gassin France 83580 - livraison à Marrakech Maroc 40060 avant le 20 février. Van or larger vehicle. Partial load / shared OK.
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