Delivery From SW16 4JS To Paris

Collect SW16 4JS, South East England (Map) from 23/3/2018
Deliver Paris, France (Map)

Load Type Part Load
Vehicle Van Load
Info A double bass and its stand, five guitars and their stand, electric piano, one large guitar amp / speaker, two hi-fi amplifiers, four medium-sized hi-fi speakers, record turntable, VHS video recorder, misc smaller audio and video items in boxes, small box of vinyl LPs, a "wardrobe" cardboard box with hanger for clothes, couple of small boxes of personal items. Possibly a bicycle too, but not sure. I think the whole lot, possibly minus bike, would be a comfortable fit in a VW Caddy or similar. I have to be there at both ends (either in your van or taking the for pickup and 23, 24, 25 or 26 for delivery. Willing to share vehicle for groupage. Two men not needed. Only one heavy-ish item (the guitar amp) to get down one flight of stairs at the pickup. I got it up the stairs by myself and I'm 61.
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