User Advice & Fraud Prevention

Notice: If you have listed a load for delivery, check your email spam folder for our transporter's quotes.

We advise anyone looking for a delivery quote, to make the following checks with any haulier, removal company or courier before finally agreeing to the job.

Ask for:

Having a copy of the transporter's goods-in-transit insurance not only verifies the transporter's credentials, but in the unlikely event of loss or damage, you can contact the insurer directly.

When you post a load, we send you an email containing a 'Transporter Profiles' link that you can use to check the profiles and user ratings of transporters who contact you with quotes. It will also show how long a transporter has been a member. Be sure to use it.

Do not underestimate the weight, volume or size of goods, a transporter depends on accurate information to make sure his vehicle is adequate for the job.

Do not pay in advance except possibly a small deposit. Only pay on successful and undamaged completion of delivery and never pay using a money transfer service. For overseas removals, you can expect to pay a larger deposit if ferry booking costs are involved.

We give this advice because although our systems provide you with good trust for older members, it is always possible that a newly subscribed transporter member who we are unable to provide user feedback for, might attempt to sub-contract out a job to a non-member company, although this rarely happens, it can happen before our systems can detect any wrongdoing. These very simple precautionary measures will safeguard your interests.

For a house removal, check if your own house contents insurance covers you for loss or damage in transit.