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Terms and Conditions of use (Customers - Non-Transporters)


LoadupĀ®, hereinafter called 'the company', is an introductory service. The company is NOT a freight forwarder and will not be responsible for arranging all or any of the carriage, storage, packing, insurance or loading of goods.


The company shall not be liable to the customer, owner or third party for loss or damage to any goods, nor for any such loss or damage arising from any non-compliance with the customer or owners instructions, or for any failure to perform whether wholly or in part their obligations. It is the responsibility of both parties (the customer & the owner) to arrange the delivery of the goods. In no circumstances whatsoever shall the company be liable to the customer or the owner for any loss, damage, cost or expenses arising out of any person(s) relaying advice or information. All arrangements or contracts, whether written or verbal are solely between the shipper and transporter. Loadup does not get involved with any part of this process.


The company is not liable for any loss or expense incurred by you resulting from the use of this service, whether due to any defects or otherwise.
The company does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of content of this service. The company has no responsibility for the warranty, fitness for agents, and do not vouch for those companies or person(s) and their organisation(s) whose services maybe displayed or referred to by the company, nor for the availability or suitability of such services. The company shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person(s) or organisation(s) with respect to any loss arising from information or the use of information offered by the company.

Your Obligations

You will:

1: Not submit any material on this service which could be considered unlawful or cause offence.

2: Ensure that any information entered by you on to this service is accurate and complies with relevant legislation

3: Indemnify us against any loss, damage or other expenses incurred by us as a result of your use of this service.


All posts to the web site are moderated and scanned for discourteous / unprofessional language or attempts to subvert our service by diverting any user or traffic away from our service. See 'Barring from the site' below.

Submitting loads to the system

a) Clearing houses and 'phoenix' companies whose business was registered less than 1 year ago are no longer tolerated.
Note: by 'clearing house', we mean 'man with a phone in a shed' type operation. Distribution centres, warehouses etc. are of course welcome, the main criteria is that payment for work done is consistent and prompt.
Any company who we discover have gone into liquidation and set up under a new name i.e. 'phoenix companies' will be barred.

b) Backload requests: Shippers must be willing to pay a minimum of 50% standard rate for return load deliveries, we actively discourage the use of our web site to demean or devalue the haulage industry by accepting offers which could only be described as cynical. We also reserve to right to bar any company from posting work on the system who either abuses the system or who generates complaints from our transporter members regarding poor or non-payment in respect of work carried out.

c) Your payment terms must be 30 days or less from receipt of invoice and POD.

Email Communication

You can be confident that by submitting your contact details to Loadup, they will never end up in the hands of other companies and that we will minimise our email reminders to no more than 1 reminder email in a 2 month period
A key part of our service is email communications with our users. By posting your delivery requirements on our service, you agree that we may send you emails, that you have elected to participate in our email program and that we may forward quotes from our transporter members by email to you.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer's hard drive when accessing a web site. It is an identification card, which is uniquely yours and can only be read by the server that gave it to you. It cannot be used to deliver computer viruses.
It is not recommended that you disable cookies on your computer as this will have a negative impact on the service we provide.

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Barring from the web site

The company reserves the right to bar users from this site, on a permanent or temporary basis at our sole discretion. Any such user shall be notified and must not then attempt to use this site under any other name or through any other user. Information regarding serious abuse is shared between other online transport providers.


The reproduction, copying, storage, recording, broadcasting, retransmission or distribution of any part of Loadup is not permitted. Html, text, images and programming code copyright © 2000 Loadup.


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