Help on Common Problems (FAQ's)

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I haven't received login details after registering
When you register, your login details are sent to the email address you submitted. You could have typed your email address incorrectly. Check your email spam folder for our emails and mark them 'Not Spam'.
If you ever forget your login details, we can send you a reminder.
The system is designed to pre-fill UserID's if you have 'cookies' enabled.
Having trouble logging in to the members area?
When you subscribe by online payment, your account is activated immediately by a signal back from Worldpay.
Make sure that you are typing your User ID and password accurately. If you have forgotten them, we can send you a password reset link. Also we have found that if you subscribed using a smartphone, it's possible that your device capitalised the first letter of your password without you realising it.
Are customers vetted?
All our users have been vetted continuously over the past 15 years in a number of ways, such as feedback monitoring, ratings, our complaints system and other discrete data checking methods in order to protect our transporter members from non-payers, bad payers, phoenix companies etc.
It's a continuous process which we constantly monitor and we act very quickly to remove any suspects once alerted.
How do I cancel a recurring payment subscription
There are two ways to cancel a monthly rebilling subscription, both are described in the terms and conditions.
Note: The minimum subscription term to Loadup is 3 months, please wait until after a third monthly payment has been made before requesting cancellation.
Terms and conditions
I sometimes receive load alerts that I can't find on the system
The customer will have removed the load, it will then only show up as a sold load on the 'Current Loads' page for a short time and not be available in the members search listings.
I'm not receiving load alert emails
We have problems with some poor web mail providers such as AOL, Tiscali, TalkTalk etc. being unreliable in accepting messages consistently.
You should obtain a reliable email provider for serious business use such as gmail.
Members should always log in for load information as email delivery is not always reliable.
Also check, in the members area, that your email alert preferences are set correctly and that alerts haven't been disabled due to bounced emails. If all settings appear to be OK, first check that your email provider isn't putting our alerts in your spam folder, then read our email delivery solutions page.
See some possible email delivery solutions
I get the message 'Page Expired' in the members area
This is a similar security measure to that used by online banking, users are automatically logged out after some inactivity and will have to login again.
Subscription Pricing
Our pricing for transporter subscriptions changed on 1st April 2017 for the first time in 15 years, see the subscription page for details. The increases amount to less than half of inflation during that time. Also from that date, there is no longer any vat content applied to Loadup's digital services. At £29.95 per month, we are one of the most competitively priced freight exchanges covering the UK & Europe. Our annual subscription works out at only £13.33 per month! How on earth do we manage it?
I am having problems making a card payment online

WorldPay Payment Problems

If you choose the monthly billing subscription option:

A slightly confusing aspect of WorldPay's payment page is the second page that is presented to you after clicking on the picture of the credit/debit card that you are paying with.

Ignore the section named 'FuturePay Administration' asking you for username and password details. This is only if you have used Worldpay before and you probably don't have a WorldPay username and password anyway. So scroll down past this section and enter your card details.

Do double-check that the email address you submit is correct.

If you are still having a problem, we need to hear about it. Contact Admin
Where is the subscription page?


How do I get quotes to deliver goods?
Firstly, do not contact our office to ask us for a delivery estimate, Loadup is not a transport company.
Go to the home page and select one of the buttons which describes the goods and user-type you are, then post the details of your delivery requirement so that our transporter members will be alerted to it and send you quotes.
How do I edit my listing / load?
The opportunity to check and edit your posting is available at the posting stage and also for a few hours from within your load management facility. After this you would need to remove it using 'Manage Loads' on the home page then post another with corrections.
How do I remove or update my listing / load?
Use the 'Manage Loads' link above or a 'My Deliveries' link at the bottom of most pages. You will either go directly to the load management page if the system recognises you, or be asked for your email address, which will send you an email with an embedded link, this link is also in the delivery posting confirmation email we sent you.
Why have I not received quotes?
Quotes may have been sent out to you but could have disappeared down the black hole that is 'SPAM FOLDER', this problem is getting worse with the bulk mail providers like hotmail, aol, yahoo, bt internet etc. being far too paranoid about spam.
Otherwise, it could just be that none of our transporters will be making that run in the near future, or there may be something unusual or simply unattractive about your listing. A recent listing was to move a whole 70kg deer, the customer didn't receive any quotes for that one, hmmmn..
Message 'no listings found' when I go to 'Load Management'
If you posted a load more than 7 days ago and haven't updated it since, the system will have removed it automatically on the assumption that it has been arranged. If your delivery is still available, post it again.
Why has my listing not been automatically removed yet?
One-off loads are removed automatically, if they haven't been updated, when more than 6 days older than the pickup ready date that you selected when posting.
Regular loads remain on the system until the transporter removes them.
All customers should remove their loads ASAP when sold, to prevent any more quotation calls or emails, the 'Manage Listings' link for this is in your posting confirmation email and on the home page.
Are transporters vetted?
All our users have been vetted continuously over the past 12 years in a number of ways, such as feedback monitoring, customer ratings, our complaints system and other discrete checking methods in order to both protect our transporter members from non-payers, bad payers, phoenix companies etc. and also protect customers from any rogue courier or haulier companies.
We rarely need to ban anyone and this is most likely because word soon gets around in the haulage community that anything less than professional behaviour will not be tolerated.
Customers are sent a 'Transporter Check' link in the confirmation email when posting a load which will show only the transporters who have made initial contact via a quotation for the delivery, this is to make sure that loads are not sub-contracted out to third parties.
It's a continuous process which we constantly monitor.
We act very quickly to suspend any suspects once alerted. Be wary of 'reverse auction' sites that allow any transporter to be a member free of charge without a substantial subscription, but charge both transporter and customer commission instead, this is where rogue traders abound and have access to your information.

Please also check our advice page.

All Users

How Secure is Loadup?
This is the most important question. Loadup has been and is still being programmed by someone who has been a network programmer since 1969 in most computer languages, the lowest possible and highest level, and for this web site uses customised 'Perl' programming for all functions and particularly to secure against malicious user input, unlike most web sites that use cheap imitations. We do not store sensitive information on our server and users passwords are very stongly encrypted as is the website itself, using https secure (SSL) protocol. We have certainly take security more seriously over the years than some big 'talky talky' / 'bookface' outfits. We regularly have 'Qualys' security testing system bombard our site with known security exploits and we pass all tests.
How does the system work?
We have a page which describes the process in full and hopefully very clearly and simply. Click this link. How It Works
I sometimes get a 'website not available' error when using the site late at night
All web servers have to be shut down and re-booted occasionally to clear up large log files. It typically takes only a couple of minutes and occurs on our server overnight.
Google Translate Not Working?
A common problem is that google translate uses 'Adobe Flash Player' plug in in order to work correctly, check that your version of flash player has had the most recent update. Translate will not work with Internet Explorer version 8 or less.
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