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Having your house removal delivered as a return-load or backload is much cheaper than booking a dedicated removal company to move your household possessions.

Our network of trusted and user rated removal companies often return empty or with partial unused space from deliveries, making use of this unused space will cut your delivery costs.

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Our UK and Europe wide network of removal companies always need return loads rather than return empty from an outbound delivery, so you can get loads delivered at the cheapest possible backload or 'return load' rate, saving 50%-70% on a dedicated delivery service. To date, we have matched and moved over 1.2 million loads for over 95,000 users.

Wherever you live in the UK or Europe, there will be an empty van or truck going back to where you need something delivering every day, because some of our hundreds of removal companies will be making that return journey in the near future.

You do not pay anything to use the Loadup system, no need to register or give us card details like some other sites. There are never any charges or commissions payable, you just pay the transport company whose quote you accept and all quotes are no-obligation.
Loadup does not get involved with any negotiations or financial transactions.

All our members are vetted for legitimate goods in transit insurance cover and continuously rated by users so that confidence in our system is maintained.