Return Loads (Backloads) For Owner Drivers

Delivering The Goods Since April 2000

Loadup is the industry standard for haulage return loads
(backloads). Praised by Lord Sugar in the Daily Mirror, as
"The Icing on the cake for the return load freight industry"

Don't return to base with an empty van or truck from outbound deliveries.
Join Loadup and get return loads or backloads across the UK and Europe when you need them.

Owner Drivers / Hauliers / Couriers / Removal Companies

No Reverse-Auctions, Commissions or Extra Charges

Join Loadup and Avoid Empty Return Trips

What you should know about Loadup Freight Exchange

  •  We are independent with no connections to any other transport related company.
  •  There are never any extra charges or commissions payable.
  •  Loadup is not a down-bidding / reverse auction site where any transporter can get free membership. Our members pay a reasonable subscription fee and are continuously rated for professionalism and reliability.
  •  There are no grades of membership, all members have equal access except the discounted UK mainland plan where access is restricted to UK domestic loads only.

All Members Are Entitled To:

Full Load Access

Access to all UK and Europe load contact details except the 'UK mainland loads only' plan.
No extra charges whatsoever above the subscription fee and because we are not a reverse auction site which allow couriers and hauliers free membership, you are much more likely to secure a suitable load where and when you need one.

Mobile Phone App

Find return loads while out on the road, if you have an Internet enabled mobile device. Also our main desktop site has been fully optimised to display on the latest smartphones correctly.

Priority Listing in the Main Directory

Current members will get 'High Rated' business listing at the top of the directory listings.

Listing in the 'Find a Courier / Haulier / Removal Company' Directories.

Current members will get priority listing at the top of find courier / haulier / removal company directories after a month free of complaints with a 'High Rating' status.

Load Alerts

Instant email notification of posted loads in UK regions or European countries that you designate. Our alerts contain a superfast, automatic login, 1-click link, direct to full load info, bypassing the logging in and searching process

Available Empty or Part Vehicle Space

Post your empty return journeys.

Auto Update App

An updating app showing loads as posted.

Complaint System / Warning List

This is used to identify companies with poor or non-payment for work done.
The warning list contains companies who have been barred from using our service and any detected 'phoenix companies', giving our members protection from rogue traders.