Free Membership For Owners of Specialised Trucks or Hazardous Licence

This registration is for free limited membership for hauliers and owner drivers of specialised trucks, Car Transporter, Coil Trailer, Tipper, Hiab, Lowloader, Container, Tanker, Truck Mounted Forklifts / Cranes, Refrigerated Trucks or Vans or ADR qualified for hazardous work.

With this membership, we will send you email notifications for any loads posted that our general membership is unable to cater for because of the specialised nature of the vehicle required, or if any general full truck load remains unsold. You will not have access to other loads nor be able to login to the member's area.

Because of the rare nature of specialised vehicle ownership, you are likely to be successful quoting for most of these loads.

The account will be activated once we have had sight of your GIT, Operator Licence and ADR, if applicable, this is essential for customer confidence and your highest rating.

If this doesn't apply to you, click here for the standard registration.

Specialised Vehicle Registration


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Chevron Bullet Access To Specialised & Hazardous Loads

We will send you email notifications of loads posted requiring your specialised vehicle type

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