Loadup freight exchange is not just carbon neutral, it is carbon negative, but should you really care?

It is not widely known that around one third of goods vehicles in the UK are making empty or partly empty return trips from their delivery destinations. Our solution is simply to provide a backload service, which allows any haulage company, courier or distributor to advertise or find a return load (backload), so reducing the number of empty goods vehicle journeys (and hgv traffic congestion, diesel air pollution and road accidents caused by goods vehicles) by up to around 30%.

Loadup began back in April 2000 to try and tackle what we thought were the main problems, excess traffic congestion and diesel air pollution and ran it completely free of charge for the first 3 years.

It was never thought at that time about global warming and CO2 Issues and frankly, we still don't think the science proves that much man-made CO2 is affecting the temperature variations that have always happened naturally.

Traffic Congestion and Carbon Emissions

Because the vast majority of goods moved from our freight exchange are moved as return loads and not outbound loads, a conservative estimate of Loadup's contribution to reducing goods vehicle journeys in the last 12 months is:

(Average loads arranged weekly=450) x (Average miles per load=225) x (Weeks in year=52)

More than 5 million vehicle road miles per year. 5,000,000 hgv.miles/annum

This equates to approximately 23,400 journeys removed from our roads per year, and if you really care about carbon dioxide, over 45 million Kg of CO2 emissions since Loadup started the service in April 2000 (based on 1Kg CO2 per mile for a HGV)

Diesel Pollution

It is now a matter of public record that the particulates and NOX gases emitted by diesel combustion are damaging the nation's health. The younger you are, the more the damaging effects, asthma in young children being an especially debilitating result of our greed for acquiring unnecessary goods and transporting them around. Maybe we can never stop people wanting more and more, but at least we can cut down drastically on needless movement of diesel vehicles by ensuring that all goods delivery vehicles can find a nearby load for the return journey.

Update September 2015, 30,000 Deaths in the UK per year

We have been attempting to hammer home this diesel pollution message for the past 15 years, now that scandals are finally coming to light, let us now hope that the authorities, who knew about the potential for damage to health, begins to prioritise the nation's health above that of the motor vehicle corporations' financial interests.