Lord Sugar Compliments Loadup's Freight Delivery Network

Loadup is 'the Icing on the Cake' for Road Transport Says Lord Sugar

An Internet Company based in Bolton, Greater Manchester is helping to make our roads less congested. The web site - loadup.co.uk is a freight exchange service which gives hauliers and couriers the ability to find a return-load (aka Backload) from anywhere in the UK or Europe, which needs to be delivered near or en-route to the haulier's home base. This also means that anyone with goods needing delivery, whether private individuals or businesses, can get their goods delivered at the return-load or backload rate, which is about 50% of the standard outbound delivery cost.
In a nutshell, everybody wins.

In a Daily Mirror article, Sir Alan Sugar now Lord Sugar, compliments Loadup Freight Exchange in his 'Spoonful of Sugar' column, which reviews, analyses and advises entrepreneurial start-up businesses, "Your web site, loadup.co.uk, offers a great service to the freight transport industry, providing the icing on the cake for hauliers" i.e. backloads.
Loadup was his pick of the week with the headline 'TOPLOADERS', praising the concept. A pithy 'Freightfully Good' was also dreamed up by some editor having a humour relapse day.

In light of fuel prices, despite recent reductions, any haulier who procures a return load for a given round trip is effectively paying only 55%-65% for his fuel (depending on the weight or size of the return load) when compared to the total cost of returning back to base empty. From a slightly different perspective, assuming the extra profit for delivering a return load is above the total round trip fuel cost, it can be said that the fuel becomes either free or a non-consideration.

Although there is nothing new in the concept of online freight exchanges, Loadup has become the busiest, due to it's simplicity, speed, ease of use and value for money. The initial philosophy, still adhered to, is that keeping things simple and quick to use is essential when presenting a service using technology such as the Internet.

David Kay, Loadup's MD says, "We had the initial idea to set up Loadup because we were concerned with the overloading of road networks, increasing hauliers costs in traffic jams and fouling up the air we breathe. Loadup's concept is to reduce this congestion and at the same time increase the profits of the beleaguered road haulage industry. The added bonus is that, if only in a small way, we are helping to reduce some of the diesel particulates and NOX gases pollution that is killing us".
This is no exaggeration, the current estimate is 30,000 premature deaths per year due to particulates and NOX gases from diesel engines.

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It is important to note that although the service is subscription-based for hauliers and couriers needing backloads, it is entirely free of charge, for any business, private individual or ebay trader to list their goods for cheaper delivery at the return-load / backload rate on the system

Unfortunately, we are so successful that we are being copied by lots of 'Johnny Come Latelys'.

Recent statistics show that around 25%-30% of all goods vehicle journeys on our roads are empty return trips because they have been unable to procure a return-load. The potential for reduction in HGV journeys and therefore traffic on our roads and motorways is huge.

A conservative estimate of Loadup's annual contribution to reduction in road usage by goods vehicles:

5 million diesel vehicle road miles per year. 5,000,000 hgv.miles/annum.

This also equates to approximately 23,400 diesel vehicle journeys removed from our roads per year

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