Cheapest Delivery of Heavy, Bulky Goods using Empty Vans

Having large, heavy, bulky goods or removals moved by a return journey is the cheapest possible delivery solution. Tell us what you need to move and we will get you some quotes to compare.

Using the spare or empty vehicle space of our rated couriers and hauliers can reduce goods delivery costs by 50%- 70%.

White van drivers who are returning empty or partly empty will be able to recover some operating costs by quoting a low return-load rate, so your goods get delivered at a great price and the courier isn't running empty because we match your delivery needs with drivers going there already.


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The two principle aims of Loadup are to allow businesses and private individuals to get heavy, bulky items or house removals delivered at a very reasonable price by vehicles already due to make the journey by returning empty from a delivery, and at the same time provide valuable backloads or return-loads for our membership of transporter companies. If you need something delivered which is neither heavy (under 20Kg) nor bulky, you would be better served by using standard postal or parcel delivery services such as Royal Mail.

Our UK and Europe-wide network of couriers and hauliers always need return loads rather than returning empty from an outbound delivery, so you can get any size of goods delivered at the cheaper return-load rate, saving 50%-70% on a normal delivery. To date, we have matched and moved over 1.2 million loads for over 95,000 users.

Wherever you live in the UK or Europe, there will be an empty van or truck going back to where you need a delivery every day, because some of our hundreds of transporter members will be making that return journey in the near future.

You do not pay anything to use the loadup system, no need to register or give us card details like some other sites.
There are never any charges or commissions payable, you just pay the driver on delivery if you accept his quote, all quotes are no-obligation.
Loadup does not get involved with any negotiations or financial transactions.

All our transporters are vetted for legitimate insurance cover and continuously rated, so that confidence in our system is maintained.