About Loadup

I am the 'Dave at Loadup' as regular users know me, and I was the original Loadup web site creator and programmer back in April 2000.

Together with original partner Steve Jones, we built this site as an interesting project because we were interested in the possible reduction of commercial vehicle journeys on the roads using backloading. (Using the empty space of vans and trucks already returning from outbound deliveries). We didn't think at the time that it would ever become a viable business, the model being somewhat self-defeating.

When in 2002, we were able to make it a business, our main concerns were that we were on a sound environmental footing and to make sure it did not become a typical capitalisation and marketing affair.

It was intended to be transparent, not having third party marketing on the site and with just great functionality for users and with environmental goals in mind.

The main thing you ought to know about Internet freight matching services is that there are web sites out there known as 'reverse-auction' systems for load deliveries, which allow free membership to couriers and hauliers but demean and devalue the transport industry by bidding-down the value of deliveries until there is virtually no point in running a delivery business. If you use these sites, you will be wasting a lot of time bidding against thousands of drivers, many of whom are operating illegally, uninsured, old vehicles, while the genuine owner-driver, courier or haulier with all the inherent overheads of safety and adhering to the law, can not compete. These types of 'free' auction sites are an absolute magnet to rogue operators but they do help to keep them away from Loadup.

Loadup will never be involved in that process because these sites are obviously going to attract rogue couriers, because hauliers are heavily regulated, this is why we maintain that all our transporters pay a reasonable subscription fee and are constantly rated for professionalism and courtesy. It means that decent transporters are dealing with decent shippers and will quickly recoup the subscription without the hassle of both shipper and driver paying commissions and spending a lot of time playing a silly game for star ratings or review points bidding on the Internet rather than getting the job done.

If you are thinking of using Loadup to post loads to move, it is because Loadup has a paying membership and clamps down quickly on any detected rogue traders or unprofessional users, shippers can be relaxed and confident in them, most have been with us for several years.

Transporters also need not worry about signing up on a monthly rebilling basis, when the time comes that you need to cancel a subscription, you will not spend hours on the phone trying to reach customer service and listening to 'greensleeves', just inform us of your intention to cancel using our web contact page and it will be done immediately on receipt, no fuss. Note that this is subject to our minimum subscripton term of 3 months.

Finally, it should be noted by the general public that commercial delivery drivers perform a difficult and often dangerous daily task that we could not manage without, they deserve more respect than they sometimes get. Keep on trucking lads! (and lasses of course).